Get Gut Healthy With MicrobeFiber™*

100% Natural, No Additives & Chemical Free!

Clinically Proven To:
Reduce A1C & Waistline*

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Trial Participants Report Improvements
With.....Weight, Sleep,  Inflammation, Allergies, Heartburn
Digestion, Candida, Stools & Energy*

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3 Scoops A Day
Is All You Need To
Maintain Your Gut Health

Mix 1 scoop into your coffee, tea, water, shakes or ANY food you prepare.
You won't even know it's in there.
(mixed in water it has an ever so subtle sweet taste).

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HOW CAN MicrobeFiber HELP YOU?*

MicrobeFiber™ "Scientists and many Doctors now believe that the greatest medical discovery in our timeis the relationship between our gut and our general health"*

Breakthrough Science Video Shows What Happens In The Body After Your First Scoop of MicrobeFiber Resistant Starch

Positive Effects From Clinical Trial Participants*

Improvements with : Digestion, Sleep, Allergies, Digestion, Increased Energy, Stools & Reduced Inflammation

100% Natural, No Additives & Chemical Free!

Just 3 Scoops A Day 
For Healthy Gut Microbes*

3 Scoops A Day User Testimonials  

  1. Maria Constalani
    "Taking pain medication... I was very irregular. Once I started taking the MicrobeFiber™, I'm just real regular... like a normal person!"
  2. Emily Morris
    "As soon as I started taking it, I started to feel the effects of it. It was immediate.... I was like an Energizer Bunny!"
  3. Tony Welch
    Challenges: Diabetes/Obesity "MicrobeFiber™ Saved my life." *
  4. Dorothy
    "Heartburn, leg cramps, even a hospital visit. I have to attribute all of my wellness now to the MicrobeFiber™."
  5. Elizabeth
    "I'm sleeping better, I feel rested, I don't feel so anxious."
  6. Nora's amazing weight loss story.
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 See How Easy It Is To Use 

Let us help you take that first step to get Gut Healthy!

American Heart Association suggests total dietary fiber intake should be 25 to 30 grams a day.  The clinical trials proved that 27 grams or more per day was the amount needed to produce dramatic health benefits.

3 Scoops of
TM a day is all you need to meet the 30 gram per day that requirement!

It has no taste or flavor. It also has no additives which could influence taste. In room temperature water it dissolves right before your eyes.

100% Natural, No Additives & Chemical Free!

Major Brands

MicrobeFiber TM

Their Ingredients
Psyllium Husk
Maltrodextrin ( GMO)
Artificial Flavor
Yellow 6 ( Artificial Color)
Chemically Produced

Our Ingredients
Soluble Corn Fiber
(From Internationally grown NON GMO Corn)
Produced Chemical Free
5X More Soluble Fiber Per Serving

The 100% No-Risk Promise
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There's absolutely no-risk in giving it a try.
Even if you simply don't like the flavor (there is no flavor), you can get your money back!


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